Car Wash Safety 101 for Drivers in Ohio

The Dos and Don'ts of Car Wash Safety

It's important to have an understanding of car wash safety before driving to one of our three locations. You don't want to accidentally leave a window open and flood the leather interior of your car with soap and wax coating! We have compiled a small list of the dos and don'ts for drivers looking to get their vehicle's exterior squeaky clean this season:

  • NO Hitches or bike racks
  • Turn off wipers
  • Car in neutral
  • Foot off the brake
  • Power Antennas lowered
  • Windows up
  • Sunroof closed

Have More Questions? We're Here!

When in doubt, contact the experts at Rainforest Carwash. We're happy to assist you with any and all questions. If you're visiting any of our locations, we want to ensure that you and our other drivers are safe.

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