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The Rainforest Difference for Ohio Drivers

Spend Less Dime on Unlimited Shine

Here at Rainforest Carwash, we serve drivers in Cleveland Heights, Medina, and Brunswick, Ohio with the advanced carwashing services they desire. Worried about the rain? Don't be! Our state-of-the-art facilities and Turtle Wax® products leave your car in its shiniest condition. We offer amazing express packages that can keep your car clean all month long. Pop into our location and take advantage of the following packages:

Ice Instant Shine
  • Provides maximum water repellency on glass for improved visibility.
  • Protects and shines glass, chrome, plastic trim, and paint.
  • EcoLogo™ Certified.
Triple Shine Wax Protection
  • Shines and protects all vehicle finishes
  • Contains carnauba wax flash foam technology for easy rinsing
  • EcoLogo™ Certified
Blazing Glaze
  • Seals out water, salt, and dirt to protect a car's finish
  • Contains carnauba wax
  • Superior clear coat protectant reduces drying time
  • EcoLogo™ Certified
Wet n Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine
  • Viscosity reduces "sling-off" effect
  • Water-based only
Fire Clean Protect
  • Promotes a deeper clean
  • Enhanced lubricity

While each of these packages may vary by carwash location, you'll find that each one offers the protective coating and cleanliness you need to take on the streets! Whether you want a Turtle Wax Tire Shine or a Spot Free Rain Bar Rinse with Body Blust and Undercarriage, we have the products you need!

Have Questions? Contact Us!

Get in touch with the experts Rainforest Carwash are here to answer any and all questions. Whether you have a question about our packages and pricing or our wash status, we are here to assist!

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